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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

I respect the Ravens. They earned that win. No complaints there.

Now, let me provide my take on the Ravens this year.

They are not an 8-2 team. They have won at least three games by default. That is winning by the other team screwing up. Luck has had much to do with it. About Flacco: I think he is slightly above average as a QB. Watch a high-light reel of a game, Flacco almost never shows up. He merely manages the team between one or two big plays. Which he did Sunday night. Heck, I think I saw BB more than Flacco during that last game.

As for that game in particular, we could have won. Our D played perfectly. Had Ben been in, it would have been ugly for you. Forgot the other injuries, all we needed was Ben. That would have been ugly. Now, we did not, so we lost. I am fine with that.

Now, I don't hate the Ravens. Or Flacco. Some of what I said was fact, some opinion. I am thinking the Ravens lose at least three more games. I believe the Giants, Redskins, and the Broncos are going to destroy the Ravens.

And welcome to the Fever

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