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Default Re: You hear this, Ray Rice?

Hey take a step back for a second. Some of you guys ought to know that Ray Rice is generally regarded as a pretty good guy, does the charity thing, doesn't get in trouble, all that stuff. A genuine nice guy. Now, you're a young guy, in the NFL, you're in a big rivalry game. You've got enough years under your belt and have seen enough people come and go to know you better enjoy it while you can. Now you win a tough, tough football game on the road, an opposing fan wants to trade souvenirs with you. You figure hey, this guy will probably get a kick out of it and not only that but I get something to remember playing here as well - kind of a cool moment, no?

You walk back to the locker room, wrap the towel around your neck, go about your business, whatever. A reporter takes the shot and publishes it.

You really think Ray Rice is just a total disrespectful jerk? No part of you as a rational human being can just say, yeah - I get it. This is not a guy who is going to stomp on it or burn it or do anything intentionally disrespectful. All this is about is a young player taking things in and appreciating what he is part of.

IMHO some people just want to get riled up anyway so they go find something.
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