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Default Re: It's official. Steelers have signed Brian Hoyer for QB and Plaxico Burress for WR

For the record, I always liked Plax.

Granted, he wasn't number one in the common sense department and he DID have some serious attitude issues, but he was talented and very young and had a chip on his shoulder -- certainly nothing unusual.

He's lived through some "interesting" experiences and I believe that he really has learned some things about life. For example, when he was with the Jets and there was a fair amount of acrimony and dissension in their locker room, it was Plax who was the one who tried to calm things down. Who would have thought that Plaxico Burress would end up being the voice of reason?

Now, at 35, he has a chance to maybe make up for some of the things that got him booted from Pittsburgh and he has a chance to end his career on a high note.

Everyone does at least one really stupid thing in life that they wish they could take back. And even though no one can really erase that stupid thing, it IS possible to do what they can to make up for it and Plax has that chance now. If he's really learned from his mistakes and really has grown up, I think he'll realize that this is his chance to redeem himself and I hope he does.

We'll see...

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