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Default Re: Thats a screwed up rule.

that was a screwed up game....
I'm so sick and tired of hearing about Houston this and Houston that...
...and the Lions had every chance and more to win it (and should have). Bone-headed coaching moves, bad play calling, and flat-out non executing. That was game was a gift given to Houston.

On that last Lions drive.....they should have been ALOT closer for the field goal attempt instead of being 47 yards out - previously all they needed was a couple short pass plays to get the first down - and what do they do??? Throw it downfield (for incompletions, of course..)....and the running plays, they were just as bad. Instead of charging forward to get a few yards for sure...they did the 'ol hesitiation handoff in the backfield - allowing the Texans to STUFF them for losses.
That was some of the worst playcalling i've seen in a long, long time. People complain around here alot - but its never as bad as that was.
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