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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by Twentyvalve View Post
I don't like the that time of possession argument. The opposing team gets the ball back right after a score. They can do with it what they will. If they go 3 and out, guess what, our D has stopped them. The other team gets the ball just as many times as our team. Our D stops them. Hence, our ranking.

The argument that we hold the ball more during the game just says the offense is just as good as the D that stops them on the next possession.
It has everything to do with the ranking.

Our offense, which is absolutely efficient (when Ben plays) and money when we need them to be, is only ranked 17th in the league in total yardage.

That is below league average, thus by probably about 80% of the people on this board,


Go ahead and tell me how great they are, when they are ranked BELOW AVERAGE.

They can't be great, they are below average. How can you be great when you are below average?

Check out these offensive power houses that are ranked higher than the Steelers in total yardage, and thus by your standards better because statistically they rank higher.

Buffalo Bills
Cincinnati Bengals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Oakland Raiders
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