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Originally Posted by ChristianKustomz View Post
Well Ravens fans have been bashing as usual. I don't mind a friendly rashing (comes with the rivalry) but Ravens fans take it to such an extreme they are just plain obnoxiously mean and nasty. Ravens fans are just horrible and they take being a fan too far. Just typical baltimore railroad trash. The city is run down with rats and gutter hookers and their fans are equally filthy! Leave it to Baltimore to have no class! FYI did anyone hear and see what Ray Rice and Ed Reed did? Especially to our Terrible Towel? Just more proof Ravens are just like their city...a waste.
To be fair, the name of the thread is "Ravens suck" and I've warned fans of BOTH teams several times throughout the time this thread has been posted. I've warned everyone to be civil on almost every page, as have other moderators. Saying "Ravens fans have been bashing as usual" and "Baltimore railroad trash" within a winds gust of each other isn't helping things.

I'm going to ask everyone once more to be civil and leave the personal attacks at home.

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