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Default Re: Key Things to Take Note of at 6-4

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
I think AB is well on his way to being great. I think he'll end up like Hines, where he has a collection of pro bowl seasons, probably a SB MVP - but won't have the monster stats or recognition because he is a Steeler receiver. However, I think once all is said and done, AB's collection of just "good seasons" will be enough to get him to HOF - a lot of time left to see where it goes with him though lol

A couple of different times this season after a drop, and then the recent fumble - Wallace was found to be actually smiling. The guy has "release me" written all over him. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell that he doesn't "get" being a Steeler. Funny thing is - Jerry Jones and Snyder have actually caught up in personnel philosophy a little - and are running out of patience with their overpaid personnel. Wallace might go just to go, even knowing there might not even be anyone out there willing to pay him. Hell, the Steelers might have already made up their mind on him. 10 games in, he sure seems like a lame duck to me.
Wow, you really like this guy. I hope you are right! This 400 yard year to date with 1 td makes me wonder.
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