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Default Re: Bruce Arians Is Thankful He Was Fired

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Announcer voice:

"This fall, on the WB, it's a wacky sit-com staring two of the wackiest wack-jobs in the NFL. Can you guess what they're going to say next??? We bet that you can't!!!

RR: Hey, where's my foot cream?
::laugh track::
BA: Hey, I'm a big boy head coach now!!!
RR: Really?... who died???
::laugh track::
BA: Oops! Did I just put my foot in my mouth?... or, in YOURS???
::laugh track::
RR: We're so wacky!!!

It's 'Wack-Job Blabbermouths'... only on the WB."
I like it - except after it wins 1 award because the other star carried BA, it will eventually fail because the formula will become stale - they'll have to find BA's replacement - ala Ashton Kutcher - and we'll see a BA roast where he'll say it was everyone else's fault the show went downhill

Insanity or In-sahn-naha-teh
is what the the Iro-quois used
meaning "severe personnel problems".
Look it up. No? No, I'm right.
Agree to disagree.
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