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Default Re: Key Things to Take Note of at 6-4

Overall - We Have a Great Team

When this team gets healthy and we have Roethlisberger back - we're going to be a team that no one wants to play in December. With the way our defense has been playing and Woodley and Harrison are finally starting to get things going - this is a team that is built for a Super Bowl run. I'm confident and optimistic at this teams chances to bring home a title, but that title starts with getting Ben back.

This is one I can agree with.

The 2012 Steelers had their obvious hiccups (Oakland, Tennessee), but looking at their body of work, this has the look of a really dangerous team come the stretch, that is provided they get healthy and of course get Ben and Antonio Brown back. The Last Two Super Bowl Champions (2010 Packers, 2011 Giants), simply put got hot at the right time and rolled through the postseason. This team can do it. All of the Steelers' losses this year were in very close games. They took Denver in their own place down to the wire and they had to seal it with a pick 6.

The 2011 team I didn't get the same vibe from. In their losses to playoff opponents, they weren't close. Baltimore, Houston, and San Francisco clearly outmatched the Steelers. Two of those teams advanced to their respective conference title games. The 2011 team had one solid game against New England, and it wasn't that impressive. The 2011 Steelers finished 12-4, but they weren't exactly a 12-4 team. When they got to the postseason, it shouldn't have been a surprise they got Tebowed, when they were Flacco'd twice as Baltimore's O went buck wild on them. Shutting down the Ravens Monday despite losing tells me where this team is on the AFC Food Chain. This team can hang with anyone.

If (and that's a big if) everything falls into place, this team will make a run.

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