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Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
I wouldn't say that it's classless in the case of a divisional rivalry, but risky to keep starters in late in the game. I do agree that these types of games are boring for everybody except for the fans of the winning team.

A team could win 5-10 games a year by 40 points and still not be the best team when it comes to playoff time.

I would like to add that the Patriots are just classless in general though.
Those are valid points. Just keep in mind injuries happen at any point in a game, just ask Ben (unless some of you think scoring 10 points is "classless"), or even Brady from that 2008 game. That was early in the first quarter if I recall. Did Gronkowski's injury have anything to do with the score in that Colts/Patriots game? Or was it just a freak accident on a point-after attempt?

I keep hearing "if you run up the score the other team will try to hurt your QB!" When is the last time that's happened? When is the last time Brady, Brees, Rodgers, or Peyton Manning have been knocked out by angry defenders after scoring more points? Did Ben get knocked out after the 2010 regular season finale against Cleveland (41-9 final score, the starters were responsible for 38 points)? Did he got knocked out after the Tennessee game last year when the Steelers clearly ran up the score on a deep bomb to Wallace in the final minutes?
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