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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by SoCalFan View Post
I honestly think the ravens are NOT as good as they used to be! Im feeling an upset in sunny SD Sunday and feel great about going into balty and picking up a win!
Ya know ... I don't know. Certainly it has not been a dominating 8-2 performance, you can make the argument we are lucky to be where we are. I guess if you're a Ravens fan you might point out that the defense seems to have really shored up since the bye week. We have a new DC this year and there has been a pattern of early-season difficulties on D when that happens. Generally things have gotten better later in those years.

There's always more to it when you look closely, I guess. I think there is a tendency to look at your own team and find lots of reasons why things are better than they seem but not to do the same for opposing teams. There are reasons to be optimistic in Baltimore just as there are reasons to be optimistic in Pittsburgh.
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