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Default Re: Key Things to Take Note of at 6-4

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
This is one I can agree with.
I'm sorry you could only agree with one of the points, but you're right - this team has the feel (when healthy) they could make a strong run in the postseason.

Regarding Wallace - I don't know if he gave up. A couple buddies have mine brought up that there's a possibility he didn't want to play for any other quarterback except Ben and was pouting when he got injured. I don't know how true that is and I think it's total bullshit, but it did seem like the effort level in the last couple of plays were diminished for Wallace and I'll concede that.

However, it could have been that the throws and overall gameplan put both Leftwich and Wallace at a disadvantage. I don't know where the blame lies for the Ravens game, but I think calling Wallace out for it is a mistake. This is an offense in transition, and once they have a year and another offseason (with Mikey) they'll be firing on all cylinders.
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