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Default Re: Ravens fan here just want to say a few things

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Not quite. In 2011 the Ravens were clearly a superior team to the Steelers. This year despite their superior record I'm not so sure about that.

The Ravens should've come into Heinz Last Sunday and stomped the Steelers, instead it took a Punt Return and Byron Leftwich's incompetence to beat them.

The Ravens are a good team, and I have to respect that, but the 8-2 record of theirs is misleading, just like last year's Steelers. The Steelers went 12-4 last year, but watching them, they should've went 10-6.
That argument goes both ways though. You guys lost to Oakland and TN, had a hard time with KC, and Ben was healthy for both losses. Any team - even Houston - you can cherry-pick through their record and convince yourself they are not as good as their record suggests. Certainly a Ravens fan who wants to convince themselves they are better than you this year has evidence to support that viewpoint. Really, it comes down to how much you want to rationalize to make yourself feel better.
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