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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
harrison'samonster seemed to get it from his last post. I guess I make sense to at least one person.

No one is saying the defense lost that game. They kept the Steelers in it all night. But for the past two seasons this defense has been unable to make splash plays and give the offense a short field. Against Baltimore with Ben out, the defense needed to make a splash play. Do you really expect Byron Leftwich to lead the offense down an 80+ yard field and score consistently? Do you expect Charlie Batch to do it against Cleveland? Being ranked high as far as yards and points is great and will give the Steelers a chance to win most of the time, but the Steelers aren't getting to the Super Bowl if the splash plays don't come more often.

Special teams also bears some blame in that regard as the return game is practically non-existent and the coverage is a joke.
But splash plays don't count for points. Much more important for a defense is not allowing splash plays, at which this team is very good. The only stat that really matters is points allowed, which is accomplished 95% of the time by gaining offensive yards, so those two are closely related. Nothing else matters.

I prefer to agree with Lebeau and his players, who insist that if they continue to play sound defense the splash plays will come. The basic thing to stress is tackling, not allowing points, or the big plays that lead to points. They do these things very well. Everything else is gravy.
Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
You know, all those points the Patriots have been scoring in the past few weeks aren't just on Tom Brady. They've been getting scores from their defense (which is statistically inferior to the Steelers' defense) and their special teams. The Steelers' defense needs to return to its old ways of making splash plays. And that is not controversial, it's fact.
When your offense puts you up by double-digits, the defense's job gets a whole lot easier and the turnovers start coming in bunches. When was the last time the offense put us up by 21 or 28 or whatever it was yesterday?
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