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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Yup, just as I thought. Typical knee-jerk reaction. "Yinz don't say anything 'bout da stiller defense!!!!!!! *spills beer* Hey! Git me anudder beer n'at!"
Typical Gofor7 response: berate Steelers fans at every possible opportunity; derisively refer to people as "Yinz"; and/or say that anyone who makes any sort of point is too stupid to get your garbled counter-points (if there is ever even a counter-point).

You can say whatever you want. Everyone is here to discuss the Steelers.

BUT, when you say outlandish stuff (the defense lost the Ravens game)... then expect some people to respond. Of course, if anyone disagrees with you, you go into "Yinz this" and "typical Steelers fan that."

You blamed the defense for the Ravens loss... so, again, the onus is on you to explain why giving 3 points makes this a bad defense. NOPE, all we get is derision.

Maybe if you has said something like: you'd like to see more turnovers (who wouldn't want more turnovers? That is effing obvious; I'd like seven TDs per game, as well). BUT, you didn't say that. Instead, you aver that the defense lost the game, because the defense did not hand deliver a TD to the offense.

So, I can now expect a "You're a Yinzer" response and/or some sort of nasty remark, because you lack any real ground to stand on.

GOFOR7: The defense lost this game.
ANYONE ELSE: The defense only gave up 3 points.
GOFOR7: You're a Yinzer.
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