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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
Unfortunately that is true. Any slightly negative inference that goes against majority opinion and you are labeled as 'gay', 'not a fan', 'ravens fan', 'collinsworth lover' and so on. It seems most Steelers fans like to feel they are better than fans of other teams, but they are the same. If you don't agree with them, you suck.

You apparently cannot be an objective Steelers fan, must be subjective.
1. I never use derision. Maybe others do, and I can not speak for them, but since you are replying to something said about me, then I feel the need to clarify.

2. We all come here to discuss. Rarely do all of us agree. But, discussion follows a back & forth... an ebb & flow... something that does not occur with several people on this site.

Some of us bring up points & counter-points; others just call names. Maybe you're one of the prior.

2-a. I feel that my points were pretty darn objective; being called a "Yinzer" is very subjective... and argumentative... (and admittedly, brought out some more "opinionated" comments).

3. Maybe you can be more enlightening than your counterpart. He says that the defense is at fault for the loss to the Ravens, because the defense did not set the offense up to score (via turnovers). I say that the defense only gave up 3 points, which is effing great.

Please, explain to me how giving up 3 points makes for a bad defensive outing.

(That is the point that I made that started this diatribe.)
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