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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
You also get called an Arians' lover too. Oh, and when you imply the defense needs to get turnovers, it's "BOOOOO! YINZ THINK DA STILLER DEFENSE STINKS! BOOOOO!!!! YINZ JUST WANT AIR-HEAD BACK! BOOOOOOO!"
If someone actually "booed" you for wanting more turnovers, they'd be mistaken. Obviously, everyone wants more turnovers (duh).


1) that's not what you said.

You blamed the Ravens loss on the defense for not getting turnovers.

Those are two completely different statements. The first we all agree with (duh); the second has resulted in the past few pages of this thread.

2) who booed you??? Were you actually booed?... or, did you just misinterpret someone disagreeing with you/providing facts/making a counter-point as someone booing you?
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