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Default Re: Roethlisberger Playing Against the Ravens

Originally Posted by BlaZeQuietly View Post
I'm not a doctor, but I know quite a bit about medical issues, and I've had dislocations before(dislocated my elbow playing football). It is very painful but it was explained to me that the tissue that would be torn when the dislocation occurred would take 2-3 weeks to heal, and at that point I was supposed to be able to go back to work. I will tell it i took me about 2 months to feel normal again, and it was very painful for a couple weeks. A dislocation isn't a break though, its not like his bones have to heal, just the ligaments/tends or whatever soft tissue holds a rib in place, like I said I'm no doctor but I don't see why he couldn't return against baltimore . Everyone heals differently, my guess is he will be cleared, and he'll say he feels fine whether he does or not , and we will have them to beat baltimore. Heres an interesting thought. San Diego beat the ravens last year and usually does well against them, if san diego beats baltimore, and we beat the browns, the ravens match up , we would be 7-4 they would be 8-3, if we won we'd both be 8-4 and have 1 divison loss and be tied in head to head, could be interesting if the ravens slip up, I already placed a bet on the chargers, lol.
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