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Default Re: Bruce Arians Is Thankful He Was Fired

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Well, I guess you're right if one considers five winning seasons and two Super Bowl appearances "mediocre"..
And with your logic I guess Charlie Batch is a large part of the reason for the same since he was here during that same time period?

While Charlie played a part in helping us out occasionally, he didn't have a direct impact on the vast majority of the games during that time any more than Brucie did. Sure, Bruce once in a blue moon pulled his head out of his ass long enough to call a competent game (last season's Pats game comes to mind), but they were very few and far between. By and large, the defense bailed his sorry ass out more often than not.

Considering the talent he had to work with we should have been a top 5 offense in the league and we were nowhere near that at any time during his tenure here. He was the main reason this offense underperformed for those 5 seasons. It has been rehashed here and plenty of other places ad nauseum with example upon example of his utter stupidity (not using a true fullback, underusing the RBs, not practicing for 4-3 defenses, forcing players to follow his schemes instead of building schemes around their strengths, etc., etc., etc.).

There's no denying that the offense is already performing better under Haley in less than one season than it was during the 5 seasons Airhead was here. That's not an accident, but the conception of B.A. was and his parents should be beaten for it.

Saying that Bruce Arians' offensive genius was a major reason why the Steelers were so successful the past 5 years is like saying the Baltimore Ravens rode the arm of Trent Dilfer to the Super Bowl XXXV Lombardi trophy.

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