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Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
I think the first thing he should work on is the mental aspect of it. When I see an end lined up in front of him, I don't know what Adams is thinking but he always seems to look and move in the wrong direction and the D-End blows by him then Adams tries to play party cake with him to stop the rush which never happens. It's almost reminds me of a bad quarterback who decides that he is going to throw to a certain player before the ball is snapped. Then throws an INT.

I've seen Adams make some decent blocks and I've seen him make lots of TERRIBLE attempts at what I guess I'll call a block. It doesn't take play by play analysis to notice things on the field unless it's in the secondary. I don't base my judgement of a player or team based on what analysts say or what any board member says. I understand he's a rookie and he ain't gonna be perfect, but all I have to say is this guy probably put his hand on the stove 15 times before he started believing it was hot, then continues to check annually to make sure it's still hot. Slow, and lazy learner, who's mental strength and abilities match his physical.
He doesnt have a balanced pass protection set and a decent kick slide YET. That is what you are seeing. He needs to "double tap" with his right foot while kicking back and at the same time keep his shoulders square to the Line Of Scrimmage so he can be ready for the outside rush, or close down the inside with a good power step.

Its technique and consistency of technique. The offensive line is more technical than people think. I agree that his technique is inconsistent and sloppy at times...........I said this when he was drafted. I just think you are overexaggerating the frequency of the breakdowns.
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