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Default Re: Ed Reed Un-Suspended

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
I think this un suspension causes more confusion now. What's a penalty?, What's a fine? What's a suspension?
I have no idea and I don't think most fans do either.
I think this ruling may actually hurt Reed and the Ravens. Reed now has to think the next thing he does and he'll be gone. Maybe he plays tentative. Maybe he doesn't and gets bumped for a later, more important game against the Steelers or Bengals.

i agree completely. And further "questions" arise.
Would Harrison be "un" suspended? Is this favoring one player over another in any regard?
The NFL has got this one a complete, tangled, and complicated mess that will be very, very difficult to set straight.....even if they try and it takes a very long time.
Attorney's will eventually be involved - pulling all kinds of film from the player in question to other player's specific plays, actions, intents. etc, etc, etc.
WHAT a mess.......
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