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Default Re: Ed Reed Un-Suspended

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
i've followed both teams very closely for a long time. I disagree (highly) with what you just stated. The Raiders are not ANY more hated by others than the Steelers are (although many, many more people love the Steeler teams).
Both teams get their fair share of bad breaks, bias calls & fines, & excessive penalty flags.
Either "side" could argue that their team gets f***ed more than the other team. Neither are "rookies" as you stated in comparison with the other.
You can highly disagree all you want. I've followed the Raiders for over 4 decades. I know which team gets/has gotten shit on more than any other in this league.

I never said the Steelers didn't/don't get their share of shit calls, fines, etc....

I'm not going to do it, but I bet if someone wanted to research it, it wouldn't even be close as to which team gets/got screwed the most over the last 40+ years.
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