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Default Re: Troy Polamalu returns to practice

I know everybody is excited to have him back as soon as he's healthy, I'm one of the few that am not sure if he should start right away. This defense is DOMINATING, the Ravens and the Giants have great offenses and we shut them down. Troy has clearly dropped off but I still think he's one of the best SS in the game. I just don't know if we should f*** up the chemistry going into Baltimore. First off, the defense was as good as it's going to get vs Baltimore. The defense held Baltimore's offense to 6 points even though they got a relatively short field twice. I'm not convinced that having Troy would have made that defense any better, because how much better could it have been? Troy no longer makes the big plays, but he's still a great all around safety, but he hasn't played much and I'm not sure if his first game back after a lingering injury should be in Baltimore. I agree that it would be rushing him into Cleveland, but if he doesn't play in Cleveland, then I don't like the idea of starting him against Baltimore. IMO our offense will be inconsistent with Ben back in Baltimore, so we need the defense to play lights out again. While I'm confident Troy will make us better, I'm just not very confident that he will make us better IN BALTIMORE after a long time on the bench.

IMO you bring him in to mix it up on certain plays in Baltimore. Use him as a mental weapon, but still play Allen on most plays. Then start him when SD comes to town. It gives him a bit more time to heal, it will give him some play time without having to shoulder the load, and it will allow us to at least rely on our defense in Baltimore.
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