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Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
I was in section 144 last Sunday and was well behaved. I am not going to ruin anybody's fun time at a game where they are forced to stay near me. Even stood for the Renegade Songs and applauded when the Steelers made a good play. After the Steelers finished their sad final drive I got up and cheered and some SOB from behind threw his beer cup full at me, missed and hit the kid in front. Instead of apologizing to the kid he dares me to come up and fight which I promptly did. Usher broke it up before it got going and said to have a good night and take it easy. Real classy fans. Jerks in every stadium. However I also spoke with and chatted with a bunch of cool people of all ages and sobriety levels (ha ha) during the game and had fun.
Went to the broken nose game wearing our Steeler gear in Baltimore with my son who was a college heavyweight wrestler. He got called a Fat F__ _ K all night long by drunken foulmouthed Ravens fans...any one of which he coulda tossed over the rail with little effort. You can say what you want but I have been to every AFC Stadium and several others in Steeler gear and have never had so many be so nasty, rude, foul and total jerks as the Ravens fans....hands down. The hate was real and palpable. It wasn't sports hate, it was evil, ridiculous, ugly, obnoxious stupidity. Maybe they achieved what they wanted because I will never waste my money in the den of pukes again. Lowlifes of the NFL....Period. Get real Ravens fans...its a flipping game that the guys playing make millions win or lose and don't give a rats patute about your sorry life. I have no respect or
tolerance for the bottom feeders in M&T.
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