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Default Re: Tico's Picks, with extra Clubber Lang!

This is from my Facebook.

Thanksgiving week predictions!

Texans @ Lions: Sorry *** ******, but the Texans are to good. Texans 31-21.

Redskins @ Cowboys: RG3 outshines Romo in the last seconds of the game. Redskins 32-30.

Patriots @ Jets: Patriots are top notch, but it's one of "those" rivalries. Patriots will win by the skins of their teeth, 25-24.

Vikings @ Bears: Bears bounce back from two heart wrenching losses. Bears 23-14.

Raiders @ Bengals: Who dey? Not the Raiders. Bengals 30-12.

Bills @ Colts: Colts bounce back from a terrible loss. 17-10.

Steelers @ Browns: Browns are playing well, but they won't break the spell. Steelers 20-14.

Broncos @ Chiefs: Lol. Chiefs. Broncos 34-13.

Seahawks @ Dolphins: Interesting stat, the Seahawks are 5-0 at home and 1-4 on the road. But the Phins are sliding hard. Seahawks 20-13.

Falcons @ Buccaneers: For gods sake RESPECT THE BUCS ALREADY!!!! Bucs win 34-31.

Titans @ Jaguars: Jags further prove Titans suck... and the Steelers shouldn't have lost to them. It was a rivalry game, ok?! Jags 24-15.

Ravens @ Chargers: Chargers, please win... they won't, will they? Ravens 17-16.

49ers @ Saints: Who dat? Not the Niners. Saints 27-24.

Rams @ Cardinals: Cardinals finally win again, 25-17.

Packers @ Giants: Giants see the Redskins in the rear-view and go "Ah hell naw" and go into overdrive. Giants, 28-25.

Panthers @ Eagles: Barf. Two awful teams. Eagles win in who gives a crap they both suck.
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