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Default Re: Rockets land in field outside Jerusalem as war looms over Gaza

What planet are you on? If you are going to talk about weapons, weaponry, number of missiles, sophistication of tech, etc., etc., blahblahblah, Palestine pales in comparison to Israel. Who's reloading? The only difference is that we reload Israel for them. Even if we assume that the Palestinians are being armed by the mighty Iranian armed forces, which is at best an inflated argument, it's slingshots vs. nuclear weapons.

Your blatant racism or ethnicism or whatever you want to call it is blinding you to two facts:
  1. Israel is imposing an unjust apartheid system that will never be accepted by Palestinians nor the rest of the world;
  2. Israel is a military and economic juggernaut in the region with a sociopathic willingness to flex its bloody power.
We support Israel for all sorts of reasons, but don't fool yourself that any of them are humanitarian or benevolent.
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