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Default Re: Official Browns post game, Steelers suck, vent in this thread

Originally Posted by Raw Steel View Post
1. The Rooneys are good people. Charlie Batch should not be on an NFL roster. They have kept him on the roster because he is good in the community and well-liked. Now lets see if it is worth the revenue they will lose from being out of the playoffs.

2. The Steelers are a playoff team - but only because of Ben and the defense. Wallace, Mendenhall and Foote are liabilities. The season isn't over. But it sure got a lot tougher.

3. Tomlin is a players coach and that has hurt this team. They are undisciplined and unmotivated. Penalties and turnovers are a symptom of an undisciplined team.
You're bang on on Charlie Batch. But Leftwich sucks too. I blame the organization for keeping both of those two on the roster. I really am questioning loyalty to being good enough to play. I will say it; those two would not make any roster in the nfl or cfl. Running backs were pure shit today but that goes hand in hand with the fact that they new batch couldn't throw the ball. Defence; wow!! What a turn around. Those refs; pure shit but not the reason we lost. Lets hope Ben is back real soon; or this season is over.
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