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Default Controlling our own destiny

Despite this loss, the Steelers control their own destiny for a playoff spot. If anything, it has made it clearer that we will be fighting for a wildcard spot and not a division championship.

EVEN if Ben does not play next week and we lose to the Ravens and EVEN if the Bengals win next week. .. if we win the games that we are supposed to win with a healthy Ben - we should make the playoffs.

(ironically, we should root for the Ravens to beat the Chargers today to help our chances of making a wildcard)

If Ben becomes injured again, then really - what's the point of making the playoffs.

Which leads me to our pitiful backup QB position. It is clear to me that neither Leftwich nor Batch are the long term answers to this position. Tomlin and Colbert have clung on these two as security blankets but their age and limited skills have revealed themselves against NFL competition.

If Hoyer has a descent arm - then I would quickly ramp him up to be the #1 backup and I would not object to the Steelers investing a third or fourth round pick next year for a higher quality QB or grab someone more PROVEN in the free agent market that can run an NFL offense . I hate to admit this but even a Colt McCoy would have given me more confidence than Batch or Leftwich right now.

Anyways, I still feel positive about the current Steeler situation and stand by my prediction that we will go to the Super Bowl this year. I think the Steelers have one of the more complete teams in the NFL when they get their running game sorted out - and Ben coming back will prevent opposing defenses from putting 8 in the box to stuff the run. We have the top NFL defense which always gives us a chance no matter who we play in the playoffs.
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