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Default Re: Steelers will make the playoffs!

Originally Posted by Steel_Bus_24 View Post
yeah except that it looks like we're going the opposite way of that

Less Healthy, and more sloppy
Today was really bad, no doubt. With Ben we win these last 2 games. QB play was by far the difference in both. Everybody else is expendable on this team. Plug and Play with the replacement. D has hardly missed a beat with a guy most people thought to be irreplaceable. Ben is the only irreplaceable piece.

Look the Texans were looking unstoppable last year until Schaub went down and then they lost 3 of their last 4 and then lost to the Ravens in the playoffs.
Schaub can't hold Ben's jock. You lose your franchise QB, you're done. You get him back, healthy and playing well and qualify for the playoffs, you've got a decent chance to make some noise.
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