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Default Re: Charlie Batch is an old standard for the Steelers

We can't blame this loss totally on Charlie Batch; the offense looked completely disinterested and lost. Its like these guys continue to play accordingly to the record of their opponent. Yes, I know the Steelers has some key injuries, but C'mon Man! That was a horrible performance for a Steelers Team.

It's time for Mike Tomlin to pass the torch as a Players Coach, he needs to start putting his foot upside some of those guys @$$holes. That was pathetic! And by the way, can we please get some youth at the QB Position for depth? I'm sorry, Byron Leftwitch should have retired three years ago; this guy fell in the endzone last Sunday Night, nobody even touches him, and he's hurt? You gotta be kidding me! Get rid of him already.

I don't know, maybe it's just fate; maybe its time for a losing season, get some high draft picks on defense, help turn this this thing around.
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