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Default Re: Who Should Get Fired

Wallace = enough said. Not worth nearly the money he'll try and command. He's not even our #1 receiver. Hell, he's not even our #2. And if you count Heath, he's not really even our 3.

Mendenhall = got to go. Big mouth. Not alot of production. A fumble machine. Gets stuffed at the line as much as any back in the league.
He's clearly...NOT one of the league's better backs.

Haley and Tomlin = both great coaches, no they clearly stay and will be here for a long time. Haley's had some hiccups in his playcalling the last 2 weeks, but the execution from the players is just NOT happening on the field.

Batch = Terrible backup QB. I've been saying this for weeks. Should have been gone 2 years ago. DEFINITELY gone at the end of this year, no question about it.

Tayler = I'm not "firing" him, but man, you HAVE to catch those "gimme" interceptions. Have to. He had 2 today - he intercepts those (like he should have) and you almost surely have a different outcome today. Those drops really hurt.
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