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Default Re: Steelers will make the playoffs!

Originally Posted by DoctorCAD View Post
Wow...I bleed black and gold, but there is no way that we make the playoffs.

This team is so destroyed and uncoached and weak its no longer anything but a joke.

We lost to the worst and 2nd worst teams in ihe NFL.

Our mistakes and penalties and injuries are not a sign of a playoff caliber team.

Couldn't have said it better myself....This team is NEVER gonna be fully healthy this year...The Big 3 (I'll call them we are waiting on), Ben, Troy and Antonio....Ben COULD be back soon, but he's ONE HIT away from being seriously hurt, and is being protected by an O-line this has HUGE injury problems themselves, so thats a patch-work O-line you're sending out to protect him....Troy, WHO THE HELL KNOWS, we don't even know if he'll be able to go full out for aother game this year even if or when he does come back...Antonio, high ankle sprains are a bitch, I had them, he'll come back, but will he be the "84" we are used to the rest of the year, odds are probably NOT...Unless FULLY HEALTHY (and IMO we won't be this year) teams like New England, Houston, and even Denver I believe now, will destroy us in the playoffs if we were able to make it somehow...It kills me to say that, it really does, but in my eyes thats just the reality of it this year.
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