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Default Re: Time to start the Brian Hoyer era in Pittsburgh?

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Problem is that the Steelers gave him a helmet after training camp. That never should have happened.

So many dillusional fans on this board cannot be objective to see that he doesnt have the skills to play in the NFL and love the hometown guy story.

I totally agree...There is NO WAY he should have made the roster this year....if ya want him around to teach young guys, GREAT, so be it, then make him a coach, NOT A BACKUP QB wo may really have to go in there and play...I wish they would have kept Dixon around, I think the kid had some nice skills, just never had a chance to get better...Even the Johnson kid in preseason showed he can play and MAKE PLAYS....The front office is HUGELY responsible for this mess we are in now at the QB position.
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