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Default Re: Steelers will make the playoffs!

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
We're not making it guys. Not this year. Get the "blinders" off.

Many aren't thinking clearly right now and seem to be in a state of delusion based on past years. The fact is - and i hate to admit this - is that the Ravens are a better team and a case could be made for the Bengals being a better team than ours. And thats just in our division.
We really need some new blood in here. It would have been nice to have Ben in today because thats probably the only way Plaxico was going to make an impact and i was looking forward to seeing that.

So you say we're going back previous years to be hopeful for the rest of the season. yet you're willing to ignore the head to head win against Cincy and the same record they have right now. You'll just dismiss the Steelers and say the Bengals are better. Based on what exactly?
I'll give the Ravens their due for now. But they've looked pretty suspect recently on both sides of the ball. At least our D has played great since the Bengals game.
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