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Default Re: Steelers will make the playoffs!

Originally Posted by casteeler View Post
Wallace is complete garbage, the Steelers have the worst backup QBs in the NFL and the Running back couldn't run or hold on to the ball. The Defense holds up their end of the bargain but the Offense with the exception of Miller is suspect. Say Ben is injured? Then what? Leftwich and Batch have NO business on a football field, who takes over? Until I see what Hoyer has to offer we cannot be assured that this team can be considered playoff worthy
If Ben gets hurt. Then What? We go home that's what. When he got hurt last year it was over. Even though he played, he wasn't the same. But you're stating the obvious. What backup in this league can lead his team to the SB. None of them.

What if Brady gets hurt? Pats done.
What if Manning gets hurt? Broncos done.

Last year. What if Schaub gets hurt? Texans go from 1 seed to limping in and getting bounced.

What if Flacco gets hurt? Ravens done.
What if Dalton gets hurt? Bengals done.

Every contender on the list is done if their QB gets hurt.
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