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Default Re: Go Baltimore...

Does anyone actually watch football anymore or do they only look at scores and stat lines. For every one who says Cleveland is awful then all I can say is you have not been paying attention. Youngest team in the league and a defense that is every bit as good as they showed today. I am Steeler black and gold but I watch other games and my eyes told me some time earlier in this season that the Browns are getting better. When healthy we are as good as any one in the the NFL (something else my eyes tell me) but we are down to third string linemen, without our best receiver, all pro safety, and our best player a QB that was having a MVP type season. We are down but not out, we still can make the playoffs and if, IF , we can get some of these players back anything can happen. But understand this, that at least for a while, we are no longer the Steelers of old where we intimidate the rest of the division. Ravens are pretty good, but the teams I am worried about are the Bengals and the Browns both are young and have improved greatly, Cincy on offense and the Browns on defense. We are going to have to hit on our upcoming draft picks if we wish to compete in the years to come.
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