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Default Re: Bruce Arians Is Thankful He Was Fired

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
And I suppose he doesn't deserve at least SOME of the credit?


Why don't you take a step back and smell what you're shoveling?

And no one has to apologize for BA because there's nothing to apologize for. He's doing well because he's a good coach and the "Arians sucks" diatribe simply doesn't fly anymore (as if it ever did).
to be frank, the majority on this board (and all across steelernation) would say it is you with the shovel in hand.

arians hasnt been fired (or retired) yet and for that, i commend him.

but giving him credit is akin to giving leukemia credit, and i'd prefer not to go there.

whe are you going to admit arians has a big fat mouth and just needs to keep it shut? that in itself makes him look more like an idiot other than some of his gameplans, adjustments, and overall offensive philosophy to run the wheels off ben.

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