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Default Re: Key Things to Take Note of at 6-4

My above comments came before the clowns game. I have not been convinced of Tomlin's competency for years, and he is not doing anything to change my mind this year. He is passively riding Lebeau's defense and the talent level of the offense to create a facade of ability on his part, (like Gruden). He is not making any effort to address ongoing problems that are well within his job description. Our special teams have shown flashes of mediocrity and a bulk of just being horrible all the way back to Cowher, but under Tomlin problems with the fundamentals continue year after year after year. We tend to be deepest at the most useless positions, (did we really need 5 tight ends last year?), and have to panic when key positions sustain injuries, (no adequate backup QB, too few dressed linemen every week). And Tomlin just pulls out his cliche of the month cards and "takes responsibility" with words but not deeds. Someone needs to ask when in all of his taking responsibility he is going to make affective changes, and what he intends those changes to be, and not let him get away with yet another wordy, but vapid non-response, "we'll have to look at the film and address it then". He's had more than five seasons to look at film. If can't see that no one on the team knows what to do in punt and kick off coverage I don't think he'll notice it tomorrow either. When it's every week for almost six seasons it's not individuals, it's coaching. They fired the special teams coach, good, but the guy they replaced him with somehow managed to be worse. The kick in the head is that they interviewed Bobby April a few years ago and let him walk away. Six years of this many drive-killing holding penalties is on the coaching. Yeah, I know we get calls against us that other teams don't, but it goes beyond that. We actually do have more holds and sloppy formations than other teams.
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