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Default Re: Tomlin's another Dave Wannstedt

Seriously I have never seen a head coach who looks more lost out there than Mike Tomlin. Yeah he's been to two super bowls but what did he do to get them there? Seems to me he has all the assistants do the work and he takes the credit. I never get the impression that a game plan is truly ever his or that he's in control. People say oh players love to play for him. How do we know this? We're not in the locker room or the players' heads. Maybe they can't stand him who knows.

I am baffled when people make statements like he is a top 3 coach or "I would take him over Bill Belicheck." What fantasy world do you people live in? He's an average coach at best who got lucky for a couple seasons. Hell I'd take Bill O'Brien from Penn State over him. Yes I said it.
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