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Default Re: Bruce Arians Is Thankful He Was Fired

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Yeah right.

And now Arians who's wearing two hats (OC and Head Coach) along with a rookie QB is 7-4 and we're 6-5 and coming off a game with EIGHT turnovers.

Two or three turnovers is just a bad day and can happen to anyone but EIGHT?
And I suppose none of that reflects badly upon the OC? Unless of course Arians was still here in which case you'd all be lining up to carve him a new one because of how lousy a coach he is.
Are all of those turnovers the players' fault or could it have something to do with the play-calling?
Christ, I don't believe that we EVER had EIGHT turnovers under Arians.
I'd like to say that was because maybe Arians actually knew what he was doing, but of course I'd be wrong because he sucks.

And please don't tell me that this joke of an offensive performance (in both meanings of the word: "offensive") was because we didn't have Ben.
We didn't have him for the first four games in 2010 and we went 3-1 in that stretch. Maybe this current sad state of affairs has something to do with Haley or maybe it doesn't. But Arians could certainly have done at least as well (or at least as poorly).
Arians put together a pretty good record in the five years he was here and he had a hand in helping to develop two great QB's and is now well on his way to doing the same with a third and he's 7-4 and his team is on its way up.

So you can say Arians sucks all you want but his record says differently and he's proving it as we speak.
You're as wrong about this as your undying love for Brucie. The loss today was on the players AND the coaches. The only respectable part of that game was on the defensive side of the ball and Heath and Sanders showed up. Everyone else deserves a good thirty lashings with a strip of wet rawhide.

I can give credit where credit is due and blame the same way. Tomlin didn't have this team ready to play, Haley called a suspect game, and the players on offense (other than the two I mentioned) shit the bed royally. Special teams didn't help either with garbage field position because apparently no one feels the need to block for our returners.

Turnovers are on the players, period. Especially when it's fumbles because they don't protect the ball well enough. A coach can't come onto the field and help them secure it. Even though the playcalling was bad, the turnovers are owned by the players.

But hey, don't let me stop you from pumping up Arians' record that he acquired on the backs of a great defense and QB that made plays in spite of him. It's really a nice work of fiction you have going there and I'm sure that book deal is just over the horizon.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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