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Default Re: Tomlin's another Dave Wannstedt

Originally Posted by OliverPoop View Post
Even without the four fumbles they still would have lost. The fact is the Steelers (Tomlin being the HC) never seem to have a gameplan to defeat bad opponents. Oakland, Tennessee, Cleveland, almost KC. All we hear are excuses that bad teams step up their game against the Steelers like it's some honor to play them. I'm sure those same teams step up their game against New England and New England still destroys them!
While I don't agree with you that without the fumbles we would have lost today, I do agree with you that I am tired of the argument:


Okay. These same teams still find ways to get blown out by the Patriots, Packers and other elite teams. Why do the Steelers struggle?

Since the Chiefs had the Steelers on the brink of defeat, their last two games they have lost combined 15-45. One of the excuses I heard at half time of the Steeler game was that the "Chiefs are playing for their coach".... what? I am sure their players know that Crennel is not a good HC and no matter what, he is gone after this season. They weren't playing for their coach. They were taking it to the Steelers and someone posted that so that they felt better about what was happening to the Steelers.

It seems sometimes that reality escapes the faithful.
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