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Default Re: Replay - needs fixed

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
Another bad week for officiating and replay.
I realize we lost because of inept QB play and turnovers, but it would have been nice to try one more shot from inside Browns territory with over 2 minutes to go. But because of a faulty replay system, we don't get that chance. Isn't replay to ultimately get the call right. Then why don't the rules allow that. With the game on the line, the refs are still in a position to cost a team the game.

They are reconsidering the rule that cost the Lions the game on Thanksgiving.
I've heard people argue that the Lions coach knew the rule and messed up by throwing the challenge flag, but that's kind of like saying it's OK for the refs to f*** up but not the coaches. I mean, his elbow was down, his knee was down. It really wasn't even close. So they can blatantly blow a call forcing a spontaneous over reaction from the coach.

The Ravens are gifted a 4th and 29 when they picked up 28 yards. Inside 2 minutes, game would have been over. A bad spot and then even a bad respot after review extends the game and the Ravens tie it and win it in OT.

All of these calls were game deciding bad calls this week.
Wah Wah Wah.

Man, for having such a tough football team, so many of you fans are a bunch of whinning *****s. Try winning decisively for a change so tthere are no excuses.
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