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Default Draft based on...?

First off, please don't confuse this as 'chicken little' thinking, just more of a genuine 'how to prepare for the future' question:

Based on what we've seen from the 2012 Steelers, how should they draft for 2013 (and beyond)?

Up until Ben was injured, the O was solid (23 PPG)---even without a legit running game and the injury to DeCastro---and the D was also steady as usual (with a few cracks in the armor more a symptom of coverage schemes and/or a lack of a KO offense).

However, since the injury it's clear that there are holes beyond a few 'final tweaks' to a possible championship club.

Should the FO ignore the last 2 1/2 weeks (and next 1-2 until BB is back) and 'go for broke', drafting based on 'one last gasp' title run or should they recognize this justifiable slump as the seeds of a deeper problem?

At full health, it's arguable that this team is a title contender (and one doesn't need to bleed black and gold to notice it).

Conversely, this team is old and injury prone... so should that factor in to key decision making?

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