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Default Re: Official Browns post game, Steelers suck, vent in this thread

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
1. The Browns are not horrible. They have lost several games by one score (a few 1 point losses).

2. If you give ANY pro team 7 turnovers, they mop the floor with most teams. Yet, the Steelers "only" lost by 6. That is a testament to the defense.

3. RE: pipe.
I am assuming that you disagree with the part about the Chargers beating the Ravens. My bad. But, I can safely assume that you agree with the rest of my post.
Lets see, they're 3 - 8. In my book they're a bad team, I don't care if the games lost were close or not. They are a bottom dewlling team and that is why we still had a chance to win even with 7 turnovers.

BTW, we won't win the SB this year. Hate to burst your bubble.
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