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Default Re: Draft based on...?

First three rounds, I take a RB, Safety, and maybe another CB or D-Lineman. The O-Line has injuries, but it will come together. Around 4th round, QB, then somewhere at the bottom we need a kicker to compete with Suisham.

Going forward, We pass on Wallace and promote Sanders. Maybe keep Plax one more year if Gilreath doesn't show any flashes.

Mendy is gone, and I clean out most of the other backs. I would keep 1 from Redman, Dwyer, or Batch. It really doesn't matter too much which one, because they're all shit in their own special way.

I expect Troy to retire, or at least get a pay cut, because he hasn't been worth half of his paycheck for the past year and a half. Same with Harrison, but he only started to suck this year. Hampton gone for sure, along with Charlie Batch, who belongs in the Smithsonian.
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