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Default Re: Can Rainey Play in the NFL?

Plenty of people have been to small to play their position, Ray Lewis is the first that comes to mind. Rainey has played well up until today and he still scored a TD. The problem is we were in an AFC North game vs a large (and good) running defense, and he didn't hold up. Anybody who ever expected Rainey to "pound the rock" like they attempted to today shouldn't be disappointed in Rainey, they should be disappointed in themselves. Rainey is a scat/3rd down type back who can be used as a WR and can/will dominate on ST. Some teams are lucky enough to have players like that, like the Saints have with Sprolles, we're lucky to have picked one up in the 5th round.

If he is misused like today then no he can not play in the NFL, his body won't hold up long and his fumble tally will be extremely high, but if used properly he will end up being a large part of this offense.

As for Mendy being gone, yes he will be, he has shown zero reason for us to give him a contract. IMO Dwyer is our only true RB right now and should be allowed to "get in a rhythm" instead of being benched for Redman and Mendenhall. I think there are a few young under achievers that won't be getting any big contracts in Pittsburgh next off season, luckily there are some over achievers too.
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