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Default Re: Draft based on...?

People forget that Sean Spence was looking like a beast in Preseason. I don't think ILB is a top draft concern. We need some depth, so we take a late round project player and keep Foote around for depth.
Hampton is probably done after this year. MClendon shows flashes when he is allowed on the field, Heyward is a beast and Hood is average. I think the D-line is pretty well set for the future or at least not an immediate draft concern. (Especially if Heyward and Mclendon play like we think they can and Ta'amu steps up)
The OLB position needs some help, Worilds is very lack luster and extremely injury prone, that goes for Sylvester too. Harrison will be around next year, he was hurt and is still not 100%, after he gets the off season to rehab I think he has a few good years left. The problem is Woodley is not a major impact player, and is often hurt. We need to look towards the future at this position and spend a low draft pick.
We all know our safety issues, this is a top concern.
At CB we are pretty well set, possibly use a mid round pick because Ike isn't getting younger and Cortez may not be able to step into the number 2 CB position. The current rules are geared toward a pass happy league, so another good CB cannot hurt.

Obviously we need a running back, we can find an extremely good one in the middle rounds..

So as I see it we need:
QB backup/project
depth ILB
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