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Default Re: Tomlin's another Dave Wannstedt

I just don't know where people get this idea that he's chummy with his players. I have never once read that he is friends with any of them. I'm an eager reader, so if you have something to show me, please do so.

I do feel that Tomlin's boner for veterans is a hit-or-miss strategy. There's pluses and minuses to it. In today's case we may have been better off keeping Jerrod Johnson than either Batch or Leftwich, but that's 20/20, and even as such is just a fan's perspective.

How anyone can question Tomlin's ultimate results - wins - is beyond me. The man wins football games. I don't want to hear about this being "just stats" and how he doesn't pass "the eyeball test". Some of you will just never be happy unless you're miserable. Well, now is your moment.
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