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Default Re: Tomlin's another Dave Wannstedt

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I honestly don't know what to say anymore. The amount of people asking for Tomlin's head just bring out the fairweather fanbase, and that's cool, every team has them. People don't recognize what Tomlin means to this franchise. In my opinion, he's as important as Roethlisberger to this team. The whole idea of "Tomlin's game management sucks!" is an old, tired one that is repeated rhetoric by the ignorant. People calling out his usage of timeouts and game day planning are always falling back on either a) bullshit or b) ignorance - and it frustrates me when people that literally have no idea what they're talking about try to make a point about the coach.

You can't blame the coach for penalties. Sure, it could mean a lack of discipline, but you can't teach Sanders not to flinch and and get false start. You can't teach Legursky and Foster to not hold, because it's in their mechanics and they're not starting guards. In fact, the ST penalties got to a point where he was taking helmets away from people that were considered 'multiple offenders'. He sat down Mendenhall, Dwyer and Redman when they fumbled and couldn't sit Rainey down due to lack of running backs. He's trying to maintain discipline over the team, and for the most part, succeeding. There's a reason why he was voted the most liked coach by players - this wasn't an accident. They're buying what he's selling, and for the most part, it's worked. He's been to two Super Bowls, and won one of them.

Whenever we win, it's all love and rainbows. When we lose, it's fire Tomlin and Haley, and get rid of Mike Wallace. If you're a fan, you criticize the faults of the team, not use scapegoats and point the finger at others - undeservedly.
That's not exactly true in my case. I have been critical of him for years, win or lose. His game management does suck, plain and simple. I don't know that mine would be any better in real life situations, but then I have no pretenses of being anything more than a fan. It's not just the penalties on special teams, it's that they have for his entire tenure made every returner look like Cribbs. At best for us they get to their own 35, and a touchdown for any returner against us is not out of the question, and the only reason it's as far back as the 35 is that the NFL moved the kickoff, other than that it hasn't changed in six seasons. But our returners have to work to make the 20, and they really do have Cribbs's talent level. He does the desperation stuff when it is not called for and goes conventional in desperation time. The fake field goal when it was the worst of three possible decisions is a great example. He talks the talk but never walks the walk, but as long as the Rooney's force him to have better coordinators then he is a head coach and he lets them make make him look good, it works out.
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