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Default Re: Week 12 Gameday Thread: Steelers @ Browns - 11/25/2012

This was the most disgusting combination of poor coaching and poor on the field focus from the offense that I think I might have ever seen. Outside of one drive where Rainey was able to bounce for a touchdown they did nothing but fail, and fail miserably. The coaching staff fails to motivate these guys when mistakes are made and that showed with the 8 times that we gave the ball right back to the Browns.

We should've won this game and quite handily. Our defense for the most part was on the field for the majority of the game and still kept it close enough despite 8 turnovers, and gave us a chance to win the game in the end. I've always been a big supporter of Charlie Batch but his arm just isn't there anymore. Sailing passes past wide open receivers, under throwing passes to receivers deep down the field, throwing passes too low to the ground on screens. This was not the Charlie Batch I remember and his years have caught up with him.

Mike Wallace again looked like he was giving not even an ounce of effort on the field. #1 type receivers step up and make big plays when they count. That's what gives them the moniker of "playmaker" in the first place. Mike Wallace is not a playmaker at all. He's our version of Darrius Heyward-Bey. He's got plenty of speed, but he lacks focus, and the talent to make big plays with consistency. It doesn't matter if Ben, Charlie, or Byron are throwing the ball to him. He still manages to drop the ball in key situations and even when the ball is put perfectly right onto his hands. This was evidenced today when Batch hit him over the middle on a short route, right on the mitts and he tipped it right up to a defender. He disappears in games against elite opponents, and in division rivalry games. I've personally had enough of his lackluster effort, questionable work ethic, entitlement, and failure to focus in games. He was a no show when we needed him most last season and he's just the same this year. Trade his ass off for a late round pick, he's garbage.

As for the running backs, I've never seen such a poor showing from our RBs in... I can't even remember. I was so infuriated by the fumbling that I thought I was going to pop a blood vessel in my head. Absolute garbage play from all of them outside of Rainey who I thought was actually giving us some semblance of a running game.

Todd Haley... ohhhh Todd Haley. WTF is with all of the first down running plays?! Could you possibly be more predictable? It was so obvious what the plays were on offense that I could sit here and call it in my living room. If I know what you're going to do then another professional football club can't be too far behind trying to figure you out. There's no excuse for the piss poor play calling, no excuses. Why they keep trying to use big between the tackles running backs like Dwyer and Redman on screens, and stretch running plays is absolutely mind boggling. They aren't built for that. Even then on the between the tackles running plays they were getting bottled up. The passing game needed to be utilized to make the Browns defense get out of the box. Haley couldn't get that done. Given Batch didn't do much to inspire confidence but it was our best chance because the running game was abysmal to say the very least.

I haven't been this disappointed since we lost to Green Bay in the Super Bowl. This was just that painful to watch.
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